Vincent's Story
Vincent's Story
Vincent's Story Vincent's Life

St. Vincent de Paul was born in 1581 into a poor peasant farming family in the south of France. His early years were like those of his era: formed in the Catholic faith of his devout and loving rolex replica parents, hard work on the family farm he shared with his brothers and sisters; and a desire to be more- to do more- with his life.

With his parents' blessing, Vincent set out to study for the priesthood at University of Toulouse and achieved his goal in 1600, when ordained by the bishop of Perigueux.

After a pilgrimage to Rome and further christian louboutin outlet studies, Vincent de Paul set his sights on Paris, where he sought a lucrative priestly assignment to support his parents on their farm. At first, all went well; Vincent became pastor of a parish in Clichy; then chaplain to the wealthy de Gondi family. He had what he had always wanted: status, comfort, and security.

Strangely enough, Vincent was quite unhappy and could not understand why. Little did he know that God was to use the poor country laborers on the de Gondi estate-people Vincent rarely, if ever saw- as a means of bringing about a lifelong conversion.


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